Green River Fly Fishing Trip

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Green River Fly Fishing Trip, July 2011

This is a great three-day float trip from Flaming Gorge through a beautiful canyon in rustic Utah.  You can either fly into Salt Lake City or fly privately into an airport in Flaming Gorge. It’s the perfect trip to charter a twin engine turbo prop so that you can bring up to 8 people and land at the small airport locally. If you fly into Salt Lake, it is about a 4 hour drive to Flaming Gorge.

You will catch a ton of trout here, mostly Brown Trout around 16-24 inches. Expect smaller fish but lots of them and lots of fun on a dry fly. No real wade fishing and most is done from the boat.  Also, there are hatches during certain times in the year. The best is probably the Green Drake Hatch.  If you can hit it at that time, you may be catching close to 50 fish per day.

The Guides

A great guide service to call to book guides and boats is Darren Bowcutt. Contact him at or 435-720-0486. Approximate price was about $425-450 per boat per day.  Another great guide service is Trout Creek Flies, (435) 885-3355. Gordon Tharrett is the owner and he, along with Nick Jackson, will be the guides this year. The cost is $445 per boat per day (2 people).

It’s usually worth it to do long floats on the river, and the guides will usually try and book you for shorter floats. Insist on doing double sections each day so you can get the maximum amount of river in. They will usually do it for the same price.

You also want to start early, especially on crowded days so that you can beat the rafters before they get on the river. Avoid major holidays or even weekends if possible. It gets pretty crowded with rafters during those times and can be a distraction when you’re enjoying the quiet scenery.

All the guides meet at Green River Outfitters each morning. You can coordinate with your guide on specific times. You’ll leave your car here and then ride with the guides to the river. Green River Outfitters also has good breakfast burritos and other food and drinks you can buy for the river. The guides will have lunches packed.


You really don’t need waders. You can wear Tevas or flip flops since you are in the boat most of the day. A good waterproof rain jacket is a must. Bring a 5 wt rod or less. You would be fine with a good 4 wt rod from Sage like the Sage One model. You can bring a 6 wt if you have difficulty casting in the wind. The guides will have everything other than the rod and reel. They will probably even have a back-up one of those as well.

Food and Lodging

The place to stay is Red Canyon Lodge in Dutch John, Utah. They have great cabins that sleep two in each cabin and have their own kitchen and fireplace. The cabins sit right on a lake with a beautiful setting. You can fish on the lake for rainbow trout, and the lodge has other activities such as hiking, bike riding, horseback riding and boating on the lake. Book the hotel fairly early as there aren’t that many cabins and they do fill up in the summertime.

The lodge restaurant serves decent food, but you might want to bring your own wine if you want better quality wine. We recommend eating here each night unless you want to cook in your cabin.  It’s the only place in town for a pretty good dinner. No need for reservations.

Hotel Deals in NYC and LA

Cheapest and best hotel in New York City — Soho Grand or Tribeca Grand.  If you know someone at Citibank that can help arrange your stay they get a great deal at the hotel, usually around $220 per night (versus $400 at comparable  hotels). In LA, the same Citibank deal exists at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills.