Want to skip the security line? TSA Pre-check tips.

You’re eligible for TSA’s pre-screening program if you’re an airline frequent flyer traveler with participating airlines. Once selected you walk right through security and don’t have to stand in line, remove any articles of clothing or be full-body screened/searched. TSA uses random and unpredictable security measures so you aren’t guaranteed expedited screening for every flight, even if you applied to the program.


3 Day Tough Mudder Race - Secrets of Travel

3 Day Tough Mudder Race

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Taking on Tough Mudder

Ready for a challenge? Tough Mudder is the toughest race out there.

Tough Mudder is a challenging 10-12 mile adventure race with nearly 20 obstacles throughout the course. The races take place throughout the year at a different location each week. While we can’t give a specific itinerary for Tough Mudder, we can share our best tips for doing the race.

The Weather

Check the weather prior to the event. Even though it might be summer, the event can be held in some cold places. Our Tough Mudder took place in Whistler, British Columbia. It was summer in Whistler but it was mostly done in snow.

What to Bring

Bring good running shoes, but know that they will get so wet and dirty that you will probably throw them away after the race. If it’s colder, running tights under your shorts will help keep you warm when you get wet. Nike makes great ones. You don’t need to bring any water as they have plenty of water stations. A CamelBak is good if you don’t mind carrying the extra weight. Bring a dry set of clothes with you, as you’ll want to change after the race. There’s a place to check your belongings right before the starting gate.

Lastly, you need a costume theme for you and your friends to wear. The more outrageous, the better. These photos from the Whistler race might inspire you.

Arrival Time

Leave plenty of time as most of the races aren’t at the places where you go to meet the buses. The lines for the buses are long, so try to stay close by the bus point the night before so you’re ready to go right away in the morning. If it’s at an altitude location, you might want to arrive a couple of days before to get used to the altitude before the race.

Morning of the Race

Your race starting time is pretty much set in stone so don’t miss it. Find parking by where the buses pick you up. We recommend staying near that location the night before the race. Once at the race, head to your starting point. You’ll need your driver’s license and paperwork for check in. You’ll be assigned a number that gets written on your forehead and you wear it pinned on your front and back. After getting your number, you can check your belongings. Then, make your way to the starting gate.

During the Race

Only 78% of entrants successfully complete the Tough Mudder course. Designed by British Special Forces, the obstacles test your strength, endurance, tenacity and the ability of your group to work together. Obstacles can include climbing slippery walls, running through blazing firewood and, everyone’s favorite, getting shocked.

The electric shock isn’t that bad. It happens twice; once when you crawl through and then at the end. The one where you are crawling you can barely feel. The last one is not bad because it’s the exit to the race and you’re so excited to be finished. However, it can shock you hard enough to make your knees buckle, so link arms with your group as it can only shock one person at a time.

After the Race

Once you hit the finish line, they will have Clif Energy Bars and a cold beer waiting for you. Other food can be purchased outside the finish area. A first aid tent is available if you need anything patched up.

Tips to Remember

  • About two weeks before the race, train doing things while wet. Try jumping in a pool and then running a few miles to get the feel.
  • If you want to bring a camera, bring a waterproof one.
  • Eat a big dinner the night before with lots of carbs
  • There are lots of bathrooms along the course.
  • After the race, you will get photos of yourself based on your number.
  • You will be very sore the next day.